Jul 202011

Slurp (this is me drooling). I want one. This thing is awesome.
RC Controller of Awesomeness

16+ channels alone would do it for me, but this thing goes so much further than that by including the following and more: 2 way communication with the receiver, AMOLED Touch-Screen, Linux based UI, and the ability to add a Video receiver unit for real time preview and/or recording.

On top of all the Controller functions, the receiver unit will have internal accelerometers and a gyro as well as a modular design for easy modification.

Let’s just hope they get the funding they need to start making them.

Check out the project page for more information.

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Apr 182011

So I’ve been working on a robot…

I’ve succeeded at making it autonomous… kind of… well it works most of the time. Before about a week ago it was a big mess of wires. Then I etched a circuit board so that it wouldn’t be a big mess of wires. Then i realized that I swapped the headers on the motor controller board… so again… it is a big mess of wires. To fix this I’m going to make a patch board that swaps the headers again…

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Mar 282011

The instructable that I learned this from was pretty useful, but it left out a few things that I wanted to elaborate on.


  • A blank PCB (“copper clad”) to etch your circuit from (here’s what I got but any copper clad will work. Note: avoid the 0.127″, it’s too thick to put some leads all the way through)
  • Sharpie (for etch resist)
  • Muriatic acid – 20 Baume 31.45% (the 14.5% junk doesn’t work). Also take care not to murder yourself with this stuff.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – 3%
  • A glass container with a lid. Make sure that the lid is not airtight. If it is airtight, it can explode… acid everywhere… bad news.
  • Nerd goggles (safety first)
  • Particle respirator mask
  • Automotive rubbing compound (from the auto parts store)

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